A drama, or even a melodrama, is divided into 3 acts: each of them has its main character. They are brothers and surgeons. The youngest, Alexander Nikolayevich, works at the oncology department of the ENT Institute. The middle brother, Boris Nikolayevich, operates in the surgical department of one of the Kyiv hospitals. The eldest, Vladimir Nikolaich, is a trauma surgeon in a provincial town. They are high professionals, nevertheless, each of them makes a fatal mistake that costs patient’s life. All three parts are united by the son of Vladimir Nikolaich – Dima, who studies as a film director and shoots a documentary film about doctors. No one in the family takes him seriously. Until the guy becomes a victim of his father’s negligence.

The play tells about urgent problems in Ukrainian and Russian medicine but also reveals the personal drama of a doctor responsible for the lives of other people.

The documents for the play are interviews with patients, as well as employees of Ukrainian and Russian medical institutions.

The text is a mixture of drama and farce. Many monologues and dialogues could be sung or chanted.

The play was written within the laboratory “director-playwright” and was staged in Cherkasy Academic Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after TG Shevchenko (2015, directed by Volodymyr Snigurchenko).

Characters: male – 4+, female – 3

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