Twenty-five-year-old Anya Serebryanko becomes a political journalist. The girl likes her new job so much that she takes all its costs for granted. The profession covers Serebryanko with a shell of “healthy journalistic cynicism”, which, it would seem, is impossible to break through. A two-headed mayoral candidate manages to do this, who turns out to be so inventive that to increase his chances in the elections, he runs both heads separately. Bora tries to save the world from the monster in a Batman costume, but two more grow in place of the severed head of the candidate, like in a fairy tale. The dragon turns out to be tenacious and strong, and the “batmen” are too useless and preoccupied with themselves to defeat him.

The play includes elements of the author’s biography.

Participants of the Ukrainian political scene are guessed in each of the heads of the political dragon. Which, however, are easily transformed into any other world politicians.

The play is “stitched” by the image of fog – a metaphor for lies and manipulation: in politics and everyday life.

Characters: male – 6, female – 3