Tamara, a resident of a village in the Brovary district, finds herself in such conditions. She faces a difficult choice: what to do? This lonely 75-year-old woman, in many ways, has nothing to lose. That is why Granny Toma possesses the highest degree of freedom and fearlessness. In her youth, she worked in military units and knows weapons. While interacting with the occupiers, even feeding them, every day the elderly woman monitors the positions of the invaders and reports them to her nephew, who leads the territorial defense unit.
Despite encountering some decent individuals among the Russian military, as a whole, the occupiers embody refined evil. Alongside other participants of the territorial defense, the protagonist ultimately triumphs, closing the gestalt of Ukrainian fighters for national liberation.

The monoplay is based on interviews with residents of the Brovary district in the Kyiv region.

Roles: Female – 1.