In the docudrama, representatives of the yellow-throated youth converge with the hard-working functionaries, nurtured by the Soviet system. Four young people enter the service in the district police department. The goals and motives are different for everyone, but everyone faces the choice: to become a part of the system or out of it “spit out”. Slowly, gradually they are drawn into the process, and now the idealists who came to the police to fight crime are themselves transgressing the law: here one must be able to torture, throw up weapons, substitute colleagues, bribe the bosses and make a disclosure plan by any means.

These rules do not take only the main character – Vera, who suddenly turns out to be the daughter of the chief of the district department of Kovalev. The girl leaves the organs, abandoning her career for the sake of man in itself.

There is no division into “good” and “bad.” And even “the main villain” Kovalev turns out to be a traumatized person who suffers from life and himself.

The play is written based on interviews with former law enforcement officers: behind each of the heroes are real people.

The play became the winner of the festivals “Tyzhden actuality” (Kyiv, 2013), “Lyubimovka” (2014), “Free Theater” (London – Minsk, 2016).

Characters: male – 5, female – 2

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