THE CROSS (2022)

A resident of one of the settlements in Brovary district, Alevtina, tells the former chairman, Fedorovich, about her sorrow. While she was on duty at a hospital in Kyiv, Russian forces entered her village, took her husband and son, and now the woman doesn’t even know where they are and what happened to them. After the occupiers left, the bodies of the men were not found among the deceased. Alevtina is doing everything she can to find out any information about her loved ones. Silent Fedorovich attentively listens to all this, but he definitely knows something.
The play is written in Ukrainian based on an interview with a resident of one of the villages in Brovary district, Kyiv region.
Occupation is often scarier than rocket attacks: it is prolonged, and it is difficult to defend against. Some people are physically destroyed, and all survivors are subjected to moral destruction – intimidation, violence, confiscation of property, imposition of absurd rules.

Characters: male – 1, female – 1.


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